Prairie ND LNG

From North Dakota For North Dakota

North Dakota LNG takes the concept of "buying local" to a whole new level. NDLNG will help fuel the local North Dakota economy. In addition to providing quality jobs, the LNG produced in North Dakota will help fuel oil production right in the Williston Basin, providing cleaner burning fuel and cost relief to oil producers. And, increasing the use of LNG in North Dakota helps to reduce dependence on foreign oil, which also enhances our nation's energy security.

Much of the LNG we process will be used to power the oil operations right in North Dakota—without ever leaving the state. The natural gas will be captured at North Dakota oil rigs, liquefied at the NDLNG plant in Tioga, North Dakota, and shipped back to the North Dakota oil operations.

NDLNG helps oil operators reduce costs and reduce their carbon footprint while it fuels the local North Dakota economy with jobs and homegrown, home-used energy.

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NDLNG Announces First LNG Production Facility in North Dakota

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