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LNG Benefits

Clean. Affordable. Abundant.

Oil cannot be produced without natural gas. As the region continues to be aggresively developed by oil exploration, the production of natural gas will increase expendentially. By capturing natural gas and converting it into fuel, the impact on the North Dakota environment will be lessened greatly.

The goal of NDLNG is to capture and liquify the natural gas, and convert users of diesel, propane and other crude-derived fuels to clean, secure liquefied natural gas – resulting in lower fuel expenses and a greatly reduced impact on the environment.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a highly affordable and dependable energy source. Utilizing LNG will bring substantial economic savings and environmental benefits to oil country in North Dakota. LNG is more affordable than other fossil fuels. It’s an abundant, clean-burning fuel source that’s produced and used right in the North Dakota oil fields. LNG is a significantly more affordable fuel option. It can save companies real money in both onsite operations and transportation. Plus it reduces dependence on outside oil sources as well as the impact on the environment.

LNG is clean. The process of liquefying natural gas removes impurities and results in a cleaner-burning fuel. Plus, it’s colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, and non-toxic, releasing far fewer greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels, making it an environmentally responsible choice. In fact it produces 25% less CO2 emissions than oil.

LNG is safe. Safer than other fossil fuels. In the event of a leak, LNG will simply evaporate. In fact, there have been no major recorded incidents with LNG for the past century.

LNG is affordable. On average, LNG is 30% more affordable than oil or coal.

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NDLNG Announces First LNG Production Facility in North Dakota

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