Committed to the Environment

At Prairie Companies, we work in some of the most amazing places on earth, regions of striking beauty and demanding conditions in every season. And, because we believe in an operational focus at every level, that means all of us spend time in the field with our customers.

This close connection to the environment makes us keenly aware of our responsibilities to the natural environment where we all live and work. Our operations, both field services and our liquified natural gas production, are structured to minimize our impact on our land, water, and sky.

As a leader in harnessing North Dakota's cleanest fossil fuel, LNG, we offer a local alternative to more expensive and more harmful higher-carbon fuels like diesel and gas. LNG is a cleaner-burning, more efficient way energy source and it not only reduces our dependency on other energy sources, it reduced the transportation impacts on the environment.

Similarly, our field service operations continually work to improve the environmental impact of producers’ operations. We operate a fleet of new, fuel-efficient vehicles and we participate in ongoing conversations with industry thought leaders, world-class manufacturers, and government stakeholders on ways to implement best practices and technology that benefit our customers, communities and the environment.

From reducing flaring and harmful emissions to helping to reduce the oil industry's impact on North Dakota's groundwater, Prairie Companies works to meet our growing need for energy while protecting a clean and safe place to work and live.


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Our Promise

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