Prairie Companies was founded in 2011 by Patrick Hughes. Over the years, Prairie has survived the oil boom and grew a thriving business. In 2015, we expanded into the Powder River Basin of Casper, WY. We launched our water business in 2018 and started hauling in the Delaware Basin down in Orla, TX. In 2020 Prairie Field Services started an Over the Road freight hauling division in answer to the industries growing need for safe drivers and professional OTR carriers. Today, Prairie Companies continues to be a growing leader in the logistics and transportation industry.


Around here, safety comes first. We believe in doing the job right and getting each and every one of our drivers home to their families after every haul. And it’s not just the words, we put this belief into action with rigorous training, accountability and weekly bonuses for drivers with a commitment to safety—not just for themselves, but everyone out on the roads.


We’re not pencil-pushers or bureaucrats. We’re out on the roads doing the job that needs to be done. Everyone at Prairie takes pride in their work and aren’t scared to roll up their sleeves and get the job done right. We’re a team of independent, tough, hard-working do-ers who have the mettle to tackle a tough job. Whether it’s in the office, in the shop or out on the road, the team at Prairie are the kind of folks you can count on.


We are the vital link between America’s energy producers, freight shippers and the consumers that rely on them. And when that many people are counting on you, you’ve got to do the job right. At Prairie, a promise made is a promise kept. So, we operate with the real-world knowledge earned over years out in the field and over the road. And we keep focusing on growth so our people and our customers know we’ll be here, hauling oil and freight, for years to come.


Prairie Companies operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in some of America’s most important and productive energy-producing regions: Wyoming’s Powder River Basin and the southwest region’s Delaware Basin.


These are places that balance a striking beauty with rugged conditions. Our love of the land where we work and live makes us keenly aware of our environmental responsibility. Our operations are structured to minimize impact on this land.


Never afraid to roll up their sleeves and get down to it, our team pools their collective experience and expertise to build and grow these operations. Under their leadership, Prairie Field Services has become a strong and thriving company.


Patrick Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

Auston Butt

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Dunn

Chief Financial Officer




Kyle Hansen

Operations Manager

David Street

Safety and Compliance Manager

Joelle Jarvis

Shop Manager

LaDonna Johnson

Back Office Manager

Kimberly Ireland

HR Manager

Sierra Harvey

Training Manager

Robert Adams

IT Manager


James Hayes

Operations Manager

Mary Hayes

Safety and Compliance Manager


Steve Youngquist

Director of Over-The-Road

Scott Danclovic

Receivables & Billing

Matt Wharton